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04/13/2021- Updated to HTTPS format (SSL)
03-22-15- Added ParkZone Mosquito MK VI and P-51 Strega created by Kevin Riegel Get them from Recent Models

Planes Included in Pack 4


   Gary Ward's MX2                GP Cap 232                  Grumman Skyrocket


           Harrier                 Henschel HS-132 Electric        Henschel HS-132


              HU-16B                  Hawker Hurricane                HZ Super Cub


      JF-17 Thunder                         Kaos                           Kapanina SU-26


       Katana Giant                Katana Giant w/Smoke               Katana S50


Kellete YG-1B Auto Gyro          Knife Loop Yak 3D                  Long EZE                           


           Lottsa Watts                          Manta

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